Have An Upcoming Surgery? Consider This Option

Americans have millions of surgical procedures yearly. Surgeries are necessary, and sometimes life-saving, parts of healthcare. Hospitals are primarily responsible for these surgeries. Over the last few decades, there has been a rise in the ambulatory surgical center. With over 5,400 centers nationwide, ASCs are also becoming more accessible. Consider these 4 reasons to choose an ASC over a hospital.

minnesota valley surgery center 4 Reasons To Choose An Ambulatory Surgery Center Over A Hospital

What’s an ambulatory surgery center?

An ambulatory surgical center has one goal, which is to perform outpatient procedures. ASCs are usually stand-alone facilities with state-of-the-art surgical tools needed for fast, safe surgeries. ASCs also go by outpatient surgery centers or surgicenters. As more surgeries use minimally invasive techniques, ASCs have become a more popular option for various procedures.

Choosing an ASC

Please note, these centers are neither emergency clinics nor a replacement for primary healthcare. Patients must have an ongoing relationship with a doctor. Both parties must decide on surgery as the next best step in treatment. Only then can a patient approach and schedule surgery at an outpatient center. While hospitals perform the same procedures, here are 4 reasons to choose an ASC instead.

1. Reduced costs for all

With a focus on minimally invasive surgeries, both patients and the healthcare system benefit financially. With reduced time during surgeries, ASCs can do more surgeries while using less anesthesia. This means a reduced cost to patients. Studies show that surgeries can cost significantly less compared to standard hospitals.

2. Higher quality of care

ASCs need a steady flow of patients to stay afloat and continuously work on patient experience. Patients often report a higher quality of care when compared to a hospital setting. Surgical center staff focus on better pre- and post-surgical care, making surgery more comfortable for patients.

3. Better patient outcomes

These surgical centers have a deep focus on patient care. Every year, ASCs work on improving processes, quality of care, and technology. That means a higher success rate for patients. There is also a reduced risk of infection as the patient is not exposed to viruses common in the hospital.

4. A fantastic time-saver

With a center focused on surgeries, patients can save time in several ways. For starters, ASCs can perform faster procedures. This means that patients can leave the clinic faster when compared to hospitals. ASCs can even perform same-day operations if necessary. Hospitals can also perform same-day procedures, but mainly in an emergency. Finally, patients will have a more predictable schedule as surgeons don’t have to reschedule due to emergencies.

What procedures can you get at an ASC?

Ambulatory surgery centers perform ligament repairs, gastric bypass, and joint replacements. Patients can also get spinal surgery, eye procedures, and medical tests like colonoscopies. The patient is expected to be in good health, low risk, and below 65.

A clear choice for a successful surgery

If there is an option between an ASC and a hospital, the choice is clear. Ambulatory surgery centers save time, have higher success rates, and lower costs. Patients will feel at ease and well-served in a center focused on a successful surgery. Persons in good health should speak with a doctor about having an upcoming procedure at an ASC instead.

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