For Our Patients

Our goals is to make patients and their loved ones feel at ease during before, during and after their procedure. You will find general information here to give you a better understanding as to what to expect.

Prior to your procedure

You will receive a text message before surgery explaining when to come to the surgery center and stop eating and drinking. If you do not receive text messages, someone will call you with the information.

Day of your appointment

Please arrive on time so we can help you with all the necessary admission procedures. The admission process includes signing consent forms and providing family/friend contact information. Once complete, you will go into the pre-operative area and will be given a hospital gown to wear. Please remove jewelry, contact lenses, dentures and any prosthesis. If you are under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must remain in the building. We encourage family members and friends to stay on premises as well.

In the recovery area

Once your procedure has been complete, you’ll be moved to a recovery area where we can monitor you. Typically patients are discharged within 1-3 hours after surgery. Once you’re fully awake, your family can join you in the recovery area, too. Many people experience some discomfort, drowsiness or dizziness, depending on what type of anesthesia you received.

Recovering at home

Before being discharged, you will be given specific instructions on how to care for yourself at home. For the first 24 hours following your procedure, you should avoid strenuous activity, alcoholic beverages, driving and making critical decisions. The day after your procedure, we will attempt to follow up and ask how recovery is going. If you have any questions of a surgical nature or prescription questions, please contact your surgeon’s office directly.

Common Questions

Outpatient surgery, also known as ambulatory surgery or same-day surgery is a procedure that does not require an overnight hospital stay.

  • Insurance card and drivers license
  • Any paperwork from your doctor (test results, medical history, etc.)
  • Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.
  • Watches, rings, jewelry and wallets
  • Large amounts of cash

After your outpatient procedure, we’ll take you to the recovery area where, once you’re fully awake, your family will be able to join you.

No. Because anesthesia is required for surgeries, we cannot let anyone drive themselves home following a procedure. We ask that you arrange for a family member or close friend to drive you to and from the facility on the day of your appointment. You also need a responsible adult to stay with you for 24 hours after receiving anesthesia.

Our fees cover the use of the facility only. Facility fees do not include laboratory, pathology, surgeon, anesthesiologist or certified nurse anesthetist fees, nor does it include the cost of any implants used for your surgery. You will be billed separately for these fees.

Anesthetics are administered by contracted anesthesia providers, which include anesthesiologists and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA).

Yes. Before surgery, you and your anesthesia provider will sit down to discuss your medical history and review the anesthesia plan; this is when you’ll be able to voice all of your questions and concerns. Feel free to call our admissions nurse if you have concerns that should be addressed prior to the day of surgery.

Yes. An intravenous (IV) line is started before we surgery so we can administer medication as needed; this may include medication to reduce anxiety or antibiotics prescribed by your surgeon.

No. Your physician, along with the other medical service providers, including anesthesia, radiology or pathology specialists, who use this facility are independent contractors. Because these individuals are not employed by our facility, we are not responsible or liable for their acts or omissions.