Healing After Ligament Reconstruction Surgery

Throughout the United States, tendon and ligament injuries account for approximately 45% of the 32 million musculoskeletal injuries occurring yearly. Each injury is unique, but immediate intervention helps minimize damage and maintain mobility. While ligament injuries can be painful and troublesome, many patients can restore full range of motion (ROM) within several months. Shortening the road to complete recovery takes a combination of quick surgical intervention and comprehensive physical therapy.

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Healing from a rotator cuff injury

Rotator cuff tears can lead to debilitating pain, reduced shoulder function, and weakness. Approximately 40% of patients older than 60 experience rotator cuff issues, leading to more than 60,000 repairs annually. Roughly 80% of partial tears respond well to physical therapy and corticosteroid injections, whereas complete tears require surgery.

Completely cuffed

Following a complete rotator cuff tear, doctors perform surgery to return motion by reattaching the damaged ligament to the upper arm bone. Patients can expect 6-8 weeks of rest after surgery to allow the tendon to heal properly. After the initial healing period, patients can gradually expect to regain full ROM within several months.

What happens after an ACL tear

Whether torn, damaged, or degenerated, ACL injuries are common and troublesome. To repair the tendon, a surgeon will stitch the muscle back together through a small incision in the calf. Damaged or diseased tendons will be removed and replaced with a graft. Immediately following surgery, patients can expect to keep weight off the impacted leg for up to 10 days. After removing stitches, low-impact physical therapy is recommended. Full ROM typically returns within 12-16 weeks.

Getting back on your feet

Every year, countless individuals seek treatment for a ligament injury in the United States. Commonly, tears occur in the shoulder and ankle, but a wide range of ligament damage disrupts mobility. After surgery, many physicians recommend practicing physical therapy to reintroduce movement gently. Regardless of the type of ligament tear, medical care experts stress the significance of taking 2-4 weeks for complete rest after the procedure. With proper care, most patients will restore a complete range of motion within a few months.

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