Is Back Pain Breaking You Down?

Back pain has become so common that many just believe the pain is normal. At some point in time, 8 out of 10 persons will get back pain. This can range from lower back strains to severe spinal conditions like herniated discs. The pain also varies from person to person and varies in intensity. When dealing with back pain, pain management is an important step. Minimizing pain allows persons to live more comfortable lives. Try incorporating one or all of these 3 steps consistently to curb those aches.

minnesota valley surgery center 3 Strategies To Manage Back Pain When To Consider Epidural Steroid Injection

1. Ease the tension through massage

Massage isn’t just useful for relaxation. The right massage therapy can reduce pain and tension standard with back issues. Consistent massage can also improve circulation and reduce inflammation. Massage therapists, for instance, have now become an essential part of recovery for high-performance athletes. Some case studies show consistent massage will reduce the degree of pain. Invest in a massage therapist or massage regimen at least once a week.

2. Get stronger for less pain

There is a network of muscles in the back that support the spine. This includes the core muscles at the front of the body. The stronger the muscles, the less likely persons will have back pain. Tissues will be less susceptible to injury. More importantly, with more substantial support, the spine will be less prone to damage. Research has revealed persons who increased core strength decreased back pain. Work with a personal trainer or physiotherapist for a safe back routine to improve strength and reduce pain.

3. The right medication at the right time

Over the counter medicines like NSAIDs are typically the first form of treatment prescribed by doctors. Medication can help relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Others are a handy muscle relaxant. A medication strategy is all about timing. Take note of the times when back pain flares up the most. Then use the right medication to keep pain at bay.

Consider ESI when all else fails

These 3 strategies are an effective way of minimizing pain and having a fulfilling life. At the same time, some persons may still get acute back pain. If so, consider an epidural steroid injection or ESI. This is a short, minimally invasive procedure that seeks to bring long-term relief. A doctor will inject a powerful steroid in a part of the spine called the epidural space. The steroid can provide relief for several months. Injections work especially well for persons with spinal conditions like herniated discs, spinal stenosis, or sciatica. ESI has up to an 80% success rate and can also help doctors decide whether or not surgery is a beneficial next step.

Don’t back down from back pain

Back pain is an unbearable condition that can flare up at the worst times. Millions of hours and dollars go into pain management and surgery every year. Take back pain seriously and invest time and effort into pain relief. And make sure to ask a doctor about an epidural steroid injection. Combine consistency with medical guidance from a back specialist to live a healthy, pain-free life.

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