Outpatient Knee Replacement

Minimally invasive joint replacement surgery is mutually beneficial for both surgeons and patients suffering from joint pain. Commonly referred to as a total knee arthroplasty, minimally invasive surgical techniques allow patients to go home the same day of surgery. This surgical approach results in a smaller incision size, a quicker recovery, and improved patient outcomes.

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Let's talk about surgery

Once conservative measures have failed, it is time to consult with your orthopedic surgeon regarding knee replacement options. An orthopedic surgeon will evaluate the risk level based on preexisting conditions and current physical activity levels to determine if total knee replacement is recommended for you. If the surgical risk is low, minimally invasive total joint or robotic-assisted knee replacement will be performed by your surgeon. With advancements in surgical approaches, you can be walking within minutes to hours after coming out of knee replacement surgery.

Increased joint mobility

You will be assigned a team of health care professionals to care for you in the recovery room. This team will commonly consist of an orthopedic doctor, a nurse, and a physical therapist. Your team will perform a basic safety assessment to make sure you can walk safely using a cane or walker. You will likely be allowed to put weight on your knee immediately after surgery unless otherwise instructed by your surgeon. Walking the same day of surgery has shown increased muscle strength and joint mobility compared to a conservative approach of resting the joint. It is highly encouraged to exercise the knee joint as tolerated following surgery.

Relax at home

Sometimes spending the night in the hospital can be hurtful instead of helpful to the patient's rest and recovery. For example, the nursing staff is expected to take vital signs while sleeping or draw lab work in the middle of the night. These interruptions are simply unavoidable and often inhibit a patient's ability to get adequate sleep in the hospital. As recommended by your orthopedic surgeon, you have been determined eligible to go home the same day of surgery. Rest can be one of the greatest benefits of recovery at home. There will be no beeping alarms or hospital interruptions as you sleep to help increase muscle recovery and skin healing. Being at home will allow you to rest and recharge for a healthy night's rest.

How to prepare for your knee replacement at home

Patients often have a quicker recovery when they know what to expect after surgery. Consider joining a preoperative educational class or asking your orthopedic doctor how to prepare for your outpatient knee replacement. In addition, it is crucial to have good social support from friends and family that will help provide the assistance needed at home. Although walking is recommended, you need to control your pain and walk independently first.

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